Since Leroy has retunred back to the house, Jenna is unsure on who she wants. Jason or Leroy? Who will she choose?

MTV's The Valleys, which launches on Tuesday, follows nine young people as they move in together in Cardiff. Their house features rocking-horse sheep and leeks on the wallpaper, but MTV officials insist that "it's absolutely not about stereotyping". An online group has begun to defend the area and singer Charlotte Church has called the series "horrific".

Aron Williams did not return to the second series of The Valleys. He withdrew from there at last minute and is now helping tackle obesity among children. He said that he was in the first series for his kickboxing but figured out that the show wasn't for him. He was the normal, quiet type of person compared to the others.

MTV’s The Valleys has returned with a new series, and the MTV team have announced that Jason and Anthony Suminski, twins from Pontypridd, will be joining the show.

Leroy's back!

Leroy Reed age 21, returns to the second series of The Valleys.
Leroy did not appear in the first two episodes of the new valleys but will be returning at the 3rd episode.

Carley confesses her love for Chidgey.

In last weeks episode of The Valleys, wannabe DJ and club promoter Carley made a surprise return to the house and confessed all to aspiring model Chidgey that she loves him.



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